Supervised autonomous driving: A harmful idea

Alexander Hars

Inventivio Innovation Briefs, 2013-09


As autonomous vehicle technology matures, legislators in several US states, countries and the United Na­tions are debating changes to the legal framework. Unfortunately one of the core ideas of these legal efforts is untenable and has the potential to cripple the technology’s progress. We show that the idea of supervised au­tonomous driving is based on false premises and will greatly limit and delay adoption. Given the enormous loss of live in traffic (more than one million persons per year world wide) and the safety potential of the tech­nology, any delay will incur large human costs.

Full paper (pdf)

Full paper

Full paper (pdf)

Invalid assumptions about advanced driver assistance systems

  • The average human driver is capable of supervising such systems
  • Humans need to supervise such systems
  • Greatly reduced traffic fatalities
  • A plane's auto pilot is a useful analogy for such systems
  • Driver assistance systems will gradually evolve into fully autonomous systems