Thriving on paradigm shifts

We develop software, services and business models which leverage IT-induced paradigm changes. We also help companies understand and exploit fundamental innovations in the areas below:

Autonomous vehicles and driverless mobility

Autonomous vehicle technology has made great progress. The first driverless cars are likely to appear in the market within the next three to five years. They will fundamentally transform the automotive industry and affect many aspects of our lives, society and economic organization. This great transformation will challenge many established businesses and will lead to the creation of a wide a range of new products and services. We provide consulting services to help your business take advantage of the opportunities which this technology provides and to minimize the risks. More info at

Electronic knowledge infrastructures

Computing fundamentally changes the way that knowledge is created, shared and consumed. We are working on novel methods and tools to significantly improve knowledge-sharing in current development processes. We are also monitoring the changes in the publishing infrastructure, have outlined the transformational potential for online knowledge infrastructures and are working on paths for infusing K-12 education with digital media and content.

Voice applications: No need to type

Written text is not always the best way to exchange and store messages. Although many things are better and faster said than typed, current computers provide little support for working with original voice content and exchanging voice messages.

The Speak-A-Message product family reintroduces the voice in our computer-based communication: be it an audio comment on Facebook, a quick voice message per email, or an audio annotation to your vacation pictures. With Speak-A-Message we are laying the foundation for a truly voice-based information infrastructure. More information...

Social media 1-on-1 marketing and personalization

Personize-It Logo

Through Facebook the communication between organizations and the consumer has truly become bi-directional. This opens tremendous possibilities for organizations to build a true and trust-based relationship with their consumers.

Our Personize-it family of Facebook and web based applications personalizes the relationship of the consumer with companies, sports clubs or the entertainment industry. We achieve this through a 1:1 personal approach which helps increase reach on Facebook, foster trust and loyalty of the consumer to the organization and enable the organization to monetize the relationship through a Social Commerce approach.


Autonomous cars: Breakthrough for electric vehicles

Range limitations are not the achilles heel of electric vehicles! We show in this paper that autonomous vehicle technology may become the key enabler for widespread adoption of electric cars. This technology circumvents the most problematic disadvantage of electric vehicles: their limited range. Read more (PDF)...

United Kingdom to play leading role in autonomous car technology?

At a recent meeting in London, about 80 experts discussed the modalities for selecting a test city for driverless vehicles in the United Kingdom. The government aims to establish the UK as a leading country in the nascent autonomous vehicle sector and will fund such an initiave with 10 million pounds. This comes half a year after Britain has announced another 77 Million Euro project to install 100 self-driving electropods in Milton Keynes by 2017. Read more..

Personize-It platform extended

Our Personize-It platform has been extended with several additional features to increase user activity. This includes a whole new set of activity-related 'digital presents'.

From publishing to knowledge networks (2nd ed.)

This in depth analysis of emerging knowledge infrastructures is now available in its second edition. It details the impacts of information technology on knowledge creation and publishing. Buy online...